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This Rigid Empire


 This Rigid Empire at a Summer 2009 photoshoot

Background information
Origin Orillia, Ontario, Canada
Genres Pop punk, punk rock, pop rock
Years active 2008–2019
Labels KcIrTaP Productions / TacoBlink Records


Members Benjamin Taylor - Vocals/Guitar
Patrick Attenborough - Vocals/Bass
Reid Goobie - Backup Vocals/Guitar

Past members
Jordan Nieuwhof - Drums (2008-2010)
Sean Mercer - Drums (2007-2008)


This Rigid Empire is a pop rock band from Orillia, Ontario, Canada. They are best known for their cover of T.I.'s Whatever You Like and their other vocal covers of hit pop songs. Through online publicity and word of mouth This Rigid Empire has established a steady following online. This Rigid Empire released their debut album "Battery-Powered Muffin" in May 2010.


Patrick singing and playing bass at a show
Patrick playing bass and singing at a show.

Formation and early years (2004-2005)

Originally formed in 2005 as a four-piece under the name "Hippypunks". Hippypunks recorded a few basement demos of various cover songs and a few originals. After a few different name changes such, as Exits and Scythe, the name This Rigid Empire was decided upon. The band came up with the name by flipping through pages of their grade 8 science textbook with their eyes closed and randomly selecting words. The name has since remained the same. This Rigid Empire has undergone a few member changes since. The only two members left from the "original" band are Patrick Attenborough and Benjamin Taylor.

Demos & Battery-Powered Muffin (2007-2010)

After a three-year hiatus This Rigid Empire was reborn after Patrick and Ben met Sean Mercer. Sean joined This Rigid Empire as the drummer, making the band a three-piece. They began playing many local shows and started building a fan-base. They also began recording new demos and started preparing to record an original album.

In May 2008 the band began recording their debut album at theblueboxstudios in Barrie, Ontario. After recording two songs, Sean decided to leave the band for personal reasons. Shortly after Sean's departure Patrick and Ben recruited Reid Goobie and Jordan Nieuwhof, making the band once again a four-piece. They continued writing and went on to finish recording their first album Battery-Powered Muffin.


Battery-Powered Muffin (2010)

This Rigid Empire started recording their debut album in May 2008 and finally finished recording in October 2009. The album was mastered by Noah Mintz from the Lacquer Channel mastering studio in Toronto. The album is available through retailers such as HMV and many online stores such as iTunes and Napster.

Rewind (2017)

    After a seven year hiatus, a second album came out as a digital only release, featuring previously unreleased songs. This album contained a few new songs, along with demos of previously released songs. The band started to see a following on newer streaming platforms such as Spotify.

    TREplay (2017)

    An alternate version of Rewind with less tracks. This album was the result of some issues with the original distributor. This could be considered consolidated demos from Rewind without the new tracks. The new tracks technically belonged to the Cartoon Octopus EP which remained unreleased until after Rewind was available. 

    Without Words (2017)

    A fully instrumental version of Battery-Powered Muffin.

    Platinum Edition (2019)

    In 2019, a "Greatest Hits" compilation called Platinum Edition was released to streaming services, featuring all original tracks from the band to date.

    Demos, Singles + EPs (2007-2018):

    Panda (2007) 

    Life in a Box (2007)

    Naked and Flies (2008)

    Another Sign to Stay Away - Single (2010)

    Egotistical - Single (2010)

    Cartoon Octopus EP (2015)

    Trainwreck - Single (2015)

    Carry Me Away - Single (2018)

    Ridin' on my Lapras - Single (2018)


    The band saw quite the success with the transition to digital, and building and maintaining a new fanbase on streaming services such as Spotify and YouTube.

    The band never officially pulled the plug and ended, but each of the members currently live in different areas across Ontario, making it more difficult to collaborate.

    At this time, This Rigid Empire is not writing, playing shows or recording new music, and can be considered on hiatus again. However, you never know what the future will bring!