This Rigid Empire: a decade and more (2010-2022)

We are This Rigid Empire, a band from Orillia, Ontario, Canada. Thanks for coming to visit us!

Time flies, it really does. When we started This Rigid Empire, it was to have something to do on the weekend with a group of friends. That evolved into playing actual live shows, and then finally recording a full length album. It's now been over a decade since that album (Battery-Powered Muffin) came out and all of us have grown up and moved on to new adventures. But that doesn't mean that the spirit of TRE doesn't live on!

In 2017 we released our second official album, called Rewind. In this fancy new age, you don't need to rely on physical copies of albums anymore to reach new audiences which made it much easier to start pushing music out to the public through streaming services like Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.

After a few years of pushing, we managed to get our music out to thousands of new fans who have probably never owned a CD player. I wanted to take some time to thank everyone who supported This Rigid Empire in our early years as well as those who continue to listen to and share our music with new people and generations! We are nothing without the people who keep us alive. We continue to reach new people everyday with our music, and I hope that trend continues over this next decade into 2030!

Over the next few weeks I will try to spend some time posting some content I have left in the archives that hasn't seen the light of day in a long time to preserve it for those who may find themselves here eventually. Time moves fast, and TRE lives on... to Infinity and beyond!

Original MySpace banner for Battery-Powered Muffin release:

Pre-Release Myspace banner for Battery-Powered Muffin

Myspace Banner for Battery Powered Muffin release

OG MySpace theme before we had an album:

This Rigid Empire Myspace Theme

Hand drawn fan artwork:

Patrick, Ben and Sean hand-drawn fan art

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